5 panel cards Snowflake (18)

5 panel cards Snowflake (18)
Titel: 5 panel cards Snowflake (18)
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5 paneel kerstkaart Snowflake
Maat 17.3x12x60cm
Wanneer u deze kaart uitvouwt krijgt u de volgende tekst te lezen: 

The beauty of the snowflake
Heaven sends a miracle every time it snows
full of awe and beauty as the sky with diamonds glow
Like each tiny snowflake, every heart was made unique-
to bring out all the facets of the one were made to seek
So let this wondrous season cause our hearts again to see
the beauty of God's love in all its perfect purity 

Praying your christmas and new year are filled with God's many blessings 

Out of His fullness we have all received grace in place of grace already given
John 1:16 NIV