Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace
Titel: Amazing Grace
Auteur: Magnet set - 5 magnets
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Prijs : € 8,99
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Reflecting on the amazing grace that the Lord extends to you and your loved ones in all times is at the center of the Amazing Grace Magnet Set. Share how amazing His grace is and how sufficient it is by giving these Christian magnets to someone in your life who needs to know this wonderful truth. This Christian gift comes in a pack of three, with five magnets in each pack, making these Amazing Grace Hymn Magnets easy to give as thoughtful gifts.  

The Amazing Grace Magnet Set is made of an epoxy-filled material, and features the sentiment, 'Amazing grace how sweet the sound' on one round magnet and part of the hymn on another round magnet. The rectangle magnet with the 'Amazing Grace' sentiment features music note symbols, as well as the two square magnets. Brown and bronze are the theme tones and hues of the Amazing Grace Magnets. 

- Round Magnets: 36 mm Diameter
- Rectangle Magnet: 60 x 36 mm
- Square Magnets: 36 x 36 mm
- Set of Five Magnets per Pack/Backing Board
- Epoxy-Filled Magnets
- Self-seal Bag Packaging With Hanging Tag