All Things Are Possible - Matthew 19:26

All Things Are Possible - Matthew 19:26
Titel: All Things Are Possible - Matthew 19:26
Auteur: Waterbottle 830 ml
Bestelnr.: 1220000133754
Prijs : € 15,99
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Feel encouraged when you start your day off hydrating from this rose-colored BPA-free plastic water bottle. Everyone needs encouragement, especially in the mornings, and this athletic water bottle provides an uplifting message: 'Begin each day with a grateful heart.'

The artsy script of the text is highlighted with fun lines shooting like rays of sunshine from the phrase, mimicking the beauty that comes with a rising sun each morning!

This BPA-free plastic water bottle holds up to 830ml and is capped with a leak-proof pop-up lid colored to match the cheerful rose hue of the bottle. A wrist strap that is attached to the lid makes it easy to carry the bottle with you anywhere you may go. From the morning until the evening, this water bottle ignites happiness and gratefulness throughout even the most difficult days, and it makes a really great inspiring gift to that friend who is always on the go.

Plastic Water Bottle



Pop-up Lid

Wrist Strap

Packaged in a White Gift Box

For Cold Beverages Only

Not Dishwasher, Microwave or Freezer Safe


Bottle Dimensions: 257 x 83 x 74 mm

Gift Box Dimensions: 267 x 84 x 81 mm