Amazing Grace Sheet Music

Amazing Grace Sheet Music
Titel: Amazing Grace Sheet Music
Auteur: Bookmark deluxe cardboard
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The Amazing Grace Sheet Music Premium Bookmark pays tribute to a hymn that has been cherished for centuries and tells the story of hope and redemption.  

This bookmark's design is based on the sheet music for the beloved hymn, Amazing Grace. The measures are accented with green meadows and groupings of brightly colored flowers in shades of pink and red. The first verse of the song penned by John Newton, is used as the sentiment.  

Amazing Grace
Amazing grace! How sweet the sound
that saved a wretch like me!
I once was lost, but now am found;
was blind, but now I see.  

The meadow design is continued in full-color on the back of the bookmark. The cardstock used in constructing the Amazing Grace Sheet Music Premium Bookmark is thicker than a regular paper bookmark. It will not fold or bend easily but is still thin enough to slip between the pages of your Bible. Matte lamination and UV add a subtle glossy sheen to the design. A burgundy ribbon with white edge stitching is knotted at the top of the bookmark. Each bookmark is packaged in a PVC sleeve with a hanging tab.  

Share the Amazing Grace Sheet Music Premium Bookmark with a music lover to mark the practice page in her sheet music book or pair it with a coordinating journal and give it as a thank you gift to a Bible study leader or teacher. They will appreciate the beautiful design, functionality, and message.  

Sheet music design
Full-color print
Embossed music measures
Matte lamination
Smooth finish cardstock
Attached ribbon with stitching
Packaged in PVC sleeve
Size: 180 x 58 x 5 mm