Lament (Vinyl)

Lament (Vinyl)
Titel: Lament (Vinyl)
Auteur: Read, Tom
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Tom Read, in partnership with Bespoke Records , is excited to announce the release of his new record, 20 th April. A collection of songs 5 years in the making- Lament explores this under discussed expression through a heart wrenching journey of honest and raw lyricism set to a dynamic and engaging soundscape. 'When it comes to worship, lament is often like the black sheep of the family; no one really wants to talk about it, and some would rather pretend it doesn't exist. After struggling for years with anxiety, and dealing with the grief of losing a loved one, I began to write songs to help me process how I was feeling.' The project includes cowrites with Martin Smith , Tim Hughes , Jamie Thompson, Tom Smith and Josh Gauton. The beautifully shot video for single ' Dead Things To Life ' has already surpassed 8,600 views on social media, with other songs from the project featuring in the St. Aldates (Oxford, UK) 'Annual' project - where Tom is based as a worship leader. Tom's unashamed honesty means these songs don't shy away from areas worship music has been fearful to touch in recent times- loss, self-doubt and questioning God. The fragility of lyrics like ' Waiting, Searching // Hoping for a sign to come // In the absence of your voice ' ('In The Ordinary') is front and centre. These are cries heard throughout scripture, echoed now by Tom to a generation disillusioned by overused worship clichés. Every human is looking for authenticity- in relationships, in love, work and life (nowadays more than ever in the light of social media). Tom's songs continue to provide a soundtrack to this search- an honest and compelling outpouring of a man simply looking for more. An outpouring that can be picked up and used by the church at large. 'The more honest I was with my songs, the more I felt I was able to worship authentically. It's not always been comfortable, but through it I've discovered that lament is one of the most natural, powerful, and beautiful ways we can worship.'