Let all you do be done in love

Let all you do be done in love
Titel: Let all you do be done in love
Auteur: Magnet set - 4 magnets
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Prijs : € 7,95
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Our Inspirational Refrigerator Magnets are cheery, colorful and so functional. We all use the fridge as a household bulletin board for lists, messages, artwork, and photos. These unique sets of 4 magnets will instill a spiritual lift each time. The glossy, epoxy-filled magnets are about 5 cm square. If you like things nostalgic, or 'girly', these will be right at home in your kitchen.
The following sentiment are featured on the magnets:
'Cherish today!', 'Sing of the Lord's great love forever - Psalm 89:1', 'Give thanks!' and 'Let all you do be done in love. - 1 Corinthians 16:14' 

- Set of 4 Magnets
- Glossy Epoxy-Filled
- Individual Magnet Size: approxx 5 x 5 cm