Tune my heart to sing thy Grace

Tune my heart to sing thy Grace
Titel: Tune my heart to sing thy Grace
Auteur: Notepads - 104 x 148 mm
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This charming bird notepad states the cheerful message, 'Tune my heart to sing thy grace.' The sweet watercolor illustrations of three birds signing are a welcome greeting to your busy day. Each page has a full-color image of the cover at the bottom and Scripture verse with plenty of white space for writing a reminder or to-do list.  

The small size makes this notepad easy to slip into a handbag, Bible cover, computer bag or pocket. This pet notepad is sold in packs of three and each pad includes 40 sheets. Notepads are ideal for adding to a care package or goodie bag for special events.

- 40 Sheets in Each Pad
- Full Color Insides
- Size: 147 x 104 x 5 mm