Let my soul be at rest

Let my soul be at rest
Titel: Let my soul be at rest
Auteur: Notepads - 104 x 148 mm
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Take rest and comfort in knowing that the Lord has you under His wing of protection. This notepad which features the verse from Psalm 116:7, 'Let my soul be at rest again, for the Lord has been good to me,' is a reminder that all should take that moment in their day and reflect on the Lord's goodness. The cover also features a photograph of an adorable puppy, sleeping snuggly in a hammock. Just like we are the Lord's children, we too should take moments to still our hearts and focus on the goodness of the Lord. 

Each page has a full-color image of the cover at the bottom and a scripture verse with plenty of white space for writing a reminder or to-do list. Making a perfect gift for the list makers and writers, this notepad is thoughtful as well as functional. 

- 40 Sheets in Each Pad
- Full Color Insides
- Size: 147 x 104 x 5 mm