Today I will choose joy

Today I will choose joy
Titel: Today I will choose joy
Auteur: Wall art - Canvas
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Prijs : € 15,95
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Choosing joy is at the heart of the Choose Joy Wall Art. Give the inspirational fabric wall art to your niece, who is starting college and could use a reminder of how to find joy in her days. She'll also empower her friends and other visitors to her room to choose joy, even when it may seem difficult at times. You can also give it as a birthday or encouragement gift. 

The fabric Choose Joy Wall Art includes a bamboo rod and string for hanging. It features 'Today I Will Choose Joy' at the center of the banner-style fabric wall art. A floral pattern surrounds it. 

- Size: 356 x 305 mm
- Made Of Fabric
- Bamboo Rod
- String to Hang