The People Tour - Live at Madison Square

The People Tour - Live at Madison Square
Titel: The People Tour - Live at Madison Square
Auteur: Hillsong United
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Recorded live from their sold-out show at Madison Square Garden on July 2, 2019, Hillsong UNITED invites the viewer into the room with them by capturing the powerful and captivating night in The People Tour: Live from Madison Square Garden. Joined by Amanda Lindsey Cook and Mack Brock, UNITED shares stories of the birth of these icon songs interwoven throughout passionate live performances of these same tracks. 

Disc 1:
01. Ready or Not
02. Wonder
03. Relentless (Remix)
04. Touch The Sky
05. Interlude
06. Behold (Then Sings My Soul)
07. Whole Heart (Hold Me Now)
08. Highlands (Song of Ascent)
09. Broken Vessels (Amazing Grace)
10. Another In The Fire
11. What A Beautiful Name 

Disc 2:
01. Not Today
02. As You Find Me
03. The Stand
04. From the Inside Out/ Came To My Rescue
05. Rain/ Reign
06. O Praise The Name (Anastasis)
07. Starts and Ends (feat. Amanda Lindsey Cook)
08. So Will I (100 Billion X)
09. With Everything
10. Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)
11. Good Grace
12. Echoes (feat. Mack Brock) 

Distributor: 316Europe

Op 2 juli 2019 trad Hillsong United op in Madison Square Garden, in New York City, voor duizenden mensen. Deze live dubbel-cd bevat onder andere hun hitsongs 'Relentless', 'Behold' en 'Oceans'. Deze 'Deluxe Edition' 2CD bevat tevens een download-card om het volledige concert te downloaden en te bekijken (voorheen als DVD).