To Mom, with Love

To Mom, with Love
Titel: To Mom, with Love
Auteur: Gift book
Bestelnr.: 9781432127145
Prijs : € 7,95
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'Express to Mom how much she means to you by giving her the To Mom, With Love Gift Book. This Christian gift book is filled with sentiments written especially for mothers, making it an ideal Mother's Day gift from her children. If she's had a long day at work, Mom can open up the Gift Book To Mom, With Love and read advice and expressions of love written with her in mind. Whether it's your mom, niece, best friend or Bible study teacher, these women will be touched by the Christian gift and excited to read it. 

This Christian book features a vibrant watercolor and floral design, 48 full-color pages and a padded front cover with pink foiled text. The convenient size is handy for Mom to take with her outside the home or keep close to her at home while she's spending time with her family. 

- Size: 183 x 132 x 13 mm
- 48 Pages
- Padded Front Cover
- Pink Foiled Title on Watercolor Cover
- Full-Color Pages'