Animal game trivia

Animal game trivia
Titel: Animal game trivia
Auteur: Trivia game
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Take a road trip without having to worry about how you will entertain the kids! The Animal Adventures for Kingdom Kids 5-in-1 Card Game Set is all you need for faith-building educational fun! 

A sturdy lidded box decorated in bright, eye-catching colors and designs houses 47 brightly colored cards that can be turned into 5 fun-filled activities for kids aged 5 years and older. 

An included instruction card will guide you through teaching little ones how to play the classic card games, SNAP! and Go Fish! It also explains how to turn these fun cards into Match Me Memory Game. One card with Animal Trivia Questions will teach your kids about the beautiful animals of the African wild, while 2 cards, printed on both the front and back, offer 8 imaginative story prompts. Lastly, 4 cards—also printed on both the front and back—provides an exercise in sequencing as they guide little minds to create stories based on a series of pictures. 

This 5-in-1 Card Game Set for children is designed to promote memorization, fine motor skills, visual discrimination, hand-eye coordination, and creativity—all in one travel-friendly box! 

Plan your next family game night and include the little ones when you play a game from the Animal Adventures for Kingdom Kids 5-in-1 Card Game Set, or take the kids on Safari to grandma's house while learning fun animal facts. Pair the Animal Adventures for Kingdom Kids 5-in-1 Card Game Set with the equally colorful Melo's Kingdom Story and activity book for a fun birthday gift both boys and girls will enjoy. 

Bright and Colorful Design
Set of 48 Boxed Cards
Lidded Box
5 Games in One Box
Go Fish!
Match Me Memory Game
Animal Trivia Prompts
Storytelling Prompts Cards
Pair with Melo's Kingdom
Card Size: 117 x 63mm
Box Size: 119 x 91 x 30mm 

Distributor: 316europe