A seal upon the heart

A seal upon the heart
Titel: A seal upon the heart
Auteur: Keller, T.
Bestelnr.: 9781473690561
Prijs : € 23,95
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Tim and Kathy Keller's bestseller THE MEANING OF MARRIAGE looked at the human need for love and its expression in marriage. This new devotional, drawing on that book but consisting of all-new material, is a day-by-day devotional to help couples find God's wisdom as they navigate the complexities of married life. 

Each day includes a quotation from Scripture, a comment from the Kellers, and a prayer to help you ground your married life in God. Covering friendship and commitment, the completion of men and women in each other, and ministry and discipleship within the context of marriage, alongside many other themes, this is a profound resource to help you connect God's wisdom with your marriage.