John 3

John 3
Titel: John 3
Auteur: Ryle, J.C.
Bestelnr.: 9789057195761
Uitgever: Importantia Publishing
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Bishop Ryle's Expository Thoughts on the Gospels series (7 volumes) were first issued in 1856-1869 and immediately met with a warm welcome from evangelical Christians of all denominations. In the 20th century the growing popularity of Ryle's spiritual approach has led to several reprints of the series. The author did not prepare the work for scholars, but instead that the volumes were for family and private use. The Expository Thoughts offer a spiritual approach to the Gospels, written in an easy to understand manner for practical teaching and study. Beside the spiritual approach in easy to understand language, J.C. Ryle included extensive notes for those wanting to dig deeper into some of the more difficult passages.