Yes come in Lord

Yes come in Lord
Titel: Yes come in Lord
Auteur: Berents,-Karkdijk, Annie
Bestelnr.: 9789057980282
Uitgever: Johannes Multimedia
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Revelation 3 : 20 Behold, I stand on the door and knock; if any others hears my voice and opens the door, I will come to him and eat with him, and he with Me. 

'For I will not dare to speak anything of the things which Christ has not wrought by me'. Romans 15: 18. 

With the reprint of this book we mention the fact that Annie Berents-Karkdijk suddenly passed away to the Lord of her Iife at the age of 51. 

She has become knows as 'the writing housewife from Nijverdal'. In four booklets she spoke on her life with the Lord. A simple practicle description of (mostly her own) spiritual feelings. She herself said the following about it: 'The Lord can do with anyone, if only we surrender ourselves to Him.
The Lord rears me spiritually and I may be a little link in His service'. 

Guided by the text of Romans 15: 18 we want to put our trust in the work of the Holy Spirit, s0 that you also will be taught by the Lord Himself in your quiet moments.